Amazing Benefits of White Tea

white tea

You may have noticed we love White Tea as an ingredient and based our toner on this amazing skin care ingredient. White tea is a lesser known but equally potent and beneficial type of tea as it’s cousins green and black tea, and while it’s been known for its benefits in the East, it is only know beginning to be popular in the West.

Here at NOe we are all about gently working with skin rather than against it, and white tea fits the bill perfectly. Ideal for acne and blemish prone skin, white tea has high antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties.  As we are getting closer to summer, most of you will notice your skin getting slightly oilier and more prone to breakouts and blemishes. This is mostly due to sweating and increased oil production , which can easily ause blocked pores. So while you may not use a toner all year round, spring and summer are perfect times to incorporate it onto your daily skin care regimen.

Another key benefit of white tea comes from it s strong antioxidant qualities. These will protect your skin against free radicals that cause oxidative damage. This type of damage is believed to promote skin ageing, wrinkles and uneven skin tone. White tea extract is found to promote collagen and elastin by inhibiting matrix metalloproteinases that normally gobble up these vital youthful promoting proteins.

As White Tea both refreshes and soothes irritatated, blemish prone skin and helps keep skin more youthful and healthy, it is the ideal product to incorporate to your skin care routine regardless of your age. We recommend using our Naturally Pure White Tea Toner on clean skin morning and night for best results.

And finally, why not enjoy the delicate taste by brewing a lovely cup of tea for instant calm and relaxation.



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