Relief for Stressed Out Skin and Scalp

sleep like a baby

Are your skin and scalp suddently stressed out and looking worse? These are difficult times, and many of you are not sleeping well and are constantly worried. As a result, our bodies release more stress hormones . This leads to low-level inflammation over time. Digestive problems, difficulties sleeping, skin issues from breakouts to extreme dryness and flare ups are some of the effects of this ongoing stress.

Here are our suggestions for small things you can do to help your stressed out skin and scalp feel better:

  • Choose a very gentle cleanser for your skin. Ditch any harsh, irritating products with fragrances or drying alcohols. Our Coconut Milk Ultra Gentle Cleanser is designed to remove dirt, excess oil and makeup without drying or stripping skin.
  • For oily skin, use gentle exfoliating products. These help keep hair follicles clear so that oil does not become trapped in and cause breakouts. Our Natural Lemon Peel Cleanser contains antibacterial Lemon Peel to help refresh and gently exfoliate skin, while jojoba oil helps keep skin hydrated.
  • Be good to your scalp. Choose a shampoo without man-made chemicals. Keep an eye out for SLS, sulfates and dyes as these are known irritants and may make existing conditions such as psoriasis worse. Our Pure Naturalist Shampoo uses natural fruit sugars to gently cleanse without stripping, leaving scalp refreshed and clean.

Prioritize Sleep for Stress Relief

Making your bedroom as sleep friendly as possible is a great way to help you cope better with stress. Below are some easy changes you can make to help you fall and stay asleep better:

  • Try to remove your mobile phones and other devices from the bedroom , as the blue light from them interferes with sleep.
  • Install blackout curtains if your room is quite light. This will prompt the pineal gland to produce melatonin, which will make you sleepy.
  • Avoid watching very exciting or stimulating TV shows just before bedtime. This may stimulate your brain and make it harder to fall asleep. Instead, pick something snooze-inducing instead. Even better, read a feel-good book or listen to soothing music.

We are living in extraordinary times and it’s natural and normal to feel worried and tense. Remember that you’re not alone – we’re all feeling overwhelmed at times. Don’t feel embarassed to ask for help and support, and moreover, brush aside any feelings of guilt you may have about taking more time to care for your wellbeing. It may feel like a luxury, but in fact is absolutely necessary as we all need to gather all the strength and resilience we have to be able to keep going.

sleep like a baby
Babies Know The Importance of Good Sleep – so can you!

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